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Buying Life Insurance on Young Children.

The decision to purchase life insurance on your young child can be a sensitive topic.  Many parents that I have spoken with think that it is unnecessary and unwise to purchase insurance on a child, but they fail to consider the financial impact that the death of a family member may have. The key term […]

Joint or Individual Life Insurance?

If you’re in a long term relationship you may be thinking that it’s time to purchase life insurance.  This is a good idea especially if your lifestyles are dependent on each others efforts (i.e. child rearing) or income.  Is there a measurable financial risk to someone dying prematurely?  Is this risk manageable without life insurance?  […]

Life Insurance Checklist – Part 2

Now you should be ready to begin the quote process.  Using the information that you gathered in PART 1 you should have a general idea of how much insurance you need and for how long.  Using this info to get some quotes will let you know how much your life insurance coverage will cost.  If […]