Level Term Life Insurance Made Easy

“Term insurance” usually means “level term life insurance”.  It provides a level amount of coverage for a specific length of time (term) and with a level premium.  For example, someone may take out a policy for a 20 year term with a death benefit of $250,000 and pay a premium of $32/month.  So for the next 20 years this person will have a death benefit of $250,000 as long as the premiums are paid each month.

For most Canadians term insurance is a great tool for limiting risk because the majority of the risks that we have are not permanent.  For example, the mortgage (although it seems to take forever sometimes) is a 20 – 30 year risk.  Term insurance is a much more affordable solution than permanent insurance (i.e. whole life, UL, T-100) to protect your family in the event of a premature death and the payments for the mortgage can no longer be made.

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