Life Insurance Isn’t for Everybody

This is probably not a topic that an insurance brokerage would bring up, but it’s the truth.  If you have no dependents and are not married or common law, then you probably do not have an obvious “insurable need”.  There are some exceptions, so please continue reading…

Life insurance protects your loved one’s standard of living.  If they are dependent on your income or other skills (child rearing, homemaker, etc…), then there would be a significant financial loss to them, if you died prematurely.  This financial loss, to speak nothing of the personal loss, would require families without insurance to sell a home, work longer shifts, move in with parents, and etc., just to make sure that there’s food on the table, the bills are paid and that the children are cared for.  As a result there is a downshift in the standard of living.  If there is an insurance benefit, then child care expenses can be paid, the bills can be paid and the standard of living can remain the same.  This gives the surviving loved ones CHOICE.

Being prepared is being responsible!

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