Term 30 Life Insurance

30-Year term life insurance is a life insurance policy that has level costs and benefits for 30 years.  Pretty simple right? Right.  It’s not as common are 10 and 20 year durations, but the 30 year contract has become more popular as more families have extended their mortgage to 30-year amortizations.  In contrast, permanent (to age 100 and beyond) life insurance also provides long term coverage, but it can be significantly more expensive.

Another thing to consider is that not many insurance companies are offering 30 year polices yet.  This means that there is not a lot of competition on pricing, but the leveling of costs for 30 years is an attractive feature to many people.

The Key Features of 30-Year Term:

  • Applying for coverage is straight forward.  Typical application and standard underwriting.
  • Most term life insurance plans offer the option to convert to a permanent insurance plane, which can help with estate planning if needed.
  • The premiums you pay are guaranteed to never increase for 30 years, and can be much lower than permanent life insurance.
  • Provides coverage for an extended period of time which can be sufficient for many life stages (mortgage duration, childrearing, education expenses, etc…)

30-year term life insurance may be an option that you are considering.  If so, why not contact us to have one of our advisors put together a complete, accurate quotes list from Canada’s top insurers.  Why wait?  You’d be surprised with how easy and enjoyable it can be to get the right insurance in place.

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