What’s the Point?

Let’s face it life insurance is something that you pay for hoping that it will never be used.

This fact alone is enough to turn people off of even considering it as a necessity for proper financial planning. It’s interesting that people don’t view car insurance or home insurance in the same way…they see the car, home, boat, atv, etc as “tangible” possessions that need protection in case there is an accident because they are costly to fix or replace, but they still hope to never use the insurance.

Consider a breadwinner’s income; it’s a major asset to the family and it’s what enables each family member to live and maintain the “tangible” things that they have, and the things that are taken for granted. What if that income was gone? What would the family do? Sell the car, home, boat, atv, ect..? Where would they live? How would they live?

The point is…Income IS tangible! The family is counting on it and needs it. Life insurance is what gives choice to the family so they can move forward after suffering a great loss. So why don’t more families own life insurance? The insurance industry is mostly to blame – commission driven salespeople have oversold and under-served many Canadians. It’s important to deal with an independent advisor who will represent you and not any single insurance company. An advisor should be able to give you quotes from a few different insurance companies and present solutions that meet your needs. Be careful for pushy salespeople that won’t take “no” for an answer. Take as much time as you need to make sure that your needs are met.

If you’ve thought about life insurance and were just curious to see how much it costs and don’t want to get into a “sales” process, please feel free to use the service at www.canadianlifequotes.com. The Experienced, licensed professionals there will let you call the shots.

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By Jonathan at www.CanadianLifeQuotes.com and www.IntegralFinancial.com



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